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Megan Elizabeth and Nate Heebner are the creators and makers at Stepping Stone Decor.  We believe that every experience in life is a stepping stone forward on this journey.  We are honored and excited to help you celebrate those moments with inspiring DIY Projects and customized Home Decor with personal meaning.

Who is Megan?

Megan is a fun loving, silly sangin’, lip gloss wearing, coffee drinking momma who has a passion for all things crafting and helping others achieve big goals.

Megan is also the founder/creator of AboveRubieStudio.com and SheMakes.club exclusive makers membership.  She has won many awards in the Craft & Hobby world, she is the creator of best selling world wide educational DVD, Cricut A to Z.  Megan has been awarded Top 10 in the Nation for both Personal Sales and Team Building in her Direct Sales businesses in 2014, 2015, 2016, & 2017.

Who is Nate?

Nate is a hard working, driven and life lovin’ Dad who is all about anything outdoors and hunting.  When he isn’t busy with everyday work and life with Megan, kids and doggies, you most likely will find him getting ready for his next hunt!  He will be ready to get out there whether deer, bear, birds, or whatever else is in season!

Nate works full time as a warehouse supervisor and is talented in many aspects of craftmanship.  He has brought his skills and expertise into Stepping Stone and has a big vision to create something incredible alongside Megan and the entire Stepping Stone Decor Team.

Together, this is how we roll:

  • We have a bit of a rustic, chabby chic style, loving all things old farm houses, chalk board decor and stone!
  • We have four kids combined – ages 11 (Nate’s son), 10 (Megan’s Son), 9 (Megan’s daughter) and 3 (Megan’s Son), and two dogs, Frasier and Ted Mosby.
  • We love to have fun! Going for walks, having friends over by the fire or just relaxing to what’s new on Netflix.
  • We love sushi! It just maybe that Megan fell for Nate the first time he brought her sushi after a long day of crazy with work & her kids. (But that could just be a rumor!)
  • We love to see other’s succeed and why we felt Stepping Stone was for life creators and memory makers just like you!
  • We have big goals & dreams and everyday is a step – FORWARD!


It is absolutely an honor to share this journey with you and enjoying each step of creating a business and life we love together!

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