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Chalk Couture 50% Off Coupon Code

I have been asked a by many of my friends and clients if I can give them a coupon code for Chalk Couture, and I have a really awesome answer to that question!

First, I want to let you know, as a designer, you automatically receive a 40% discount on all of your purchases!  Right off the bat, immediately any order you place you get 40% off all your Chalk Couture orders, that includes the Chalkology Paste, the Chalk Transfers, Accessories, Chalk Boards, every and anything! How awesome is that?  You get that discount as soon as you grab your starter kit for only $99.00 and start your Chalk Couture, Club Couture Subscription!! (Your first month of Club Couture is totally free!)

Secondly, when you grab your starter kit, Chalk Couture emails you a coupon code for 50% off your first Chalk Couture order to help you really make an impact and get off the ground!  Chalk Couture emails you this coupon code using within 1 week from the time you join our team and become a designer. You can get started right here!

Also, you have an incredible opportunity to earn FREE Designer Dollars which is better than a Chalk Couture Coupon code because you receive $20.00 in Chalk Couture “cash” for every $200 PV in sales/orders placed or received.  That means if you have $800 in PV for the month, you get $80 in Chalk Couture Products for free!

Additional Bonus, you will be added to 3 EXCLUSIVE training and creative inspiration groups exclusively when you join through Stepping Stone Decor Designers!

  • Team B {ee} ~ Training and Inspiration with tons of incentives and giveaways
  • Glam Chalkers ~ Inspiration, Ideas, Community, Giveaways & More
  • Stepping Stone Decor Designers ~ Community, Support, Motivation, Encouragement, & so much more!

FAQ’s on becoming a Chalk Couture Designer found right HERE!

A little intro of what’s inside the Chalk Couture Start Kit!  Over a $200.00 retail value for only $99.00 PLUS your first month Club Couture FREE!

Megan Elizabeth

Hey There! I'm Megan, a Crafty loving, happy vibing, always learning Partner and Mom of 3 (+1 bonus). I am absolutely obsessed with encouraging and helping others achieve their business goals & dreams while enjoying coffee and creativity of life!


  1. Hi,
    I’m looking for the Winter Woodland Scene transfer. Would you have one to sell or do you know others we could ask?

    Any help is greatly appreciated!


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